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Gardening Bio-Filter

What is Gardening Bio-Filter Filtration?

The Gardening Bio-Filter (sometimes called a biofilter) in a fish tank is a filter containing porous media that allows water to pass through it. This filter media serves as a home for aerobic, nitrifying bacteria that break down fish waste to keep the environment safe and non-toxic furthermore do kill algae from the UV lamp

Some features of the Gardening Bio-filters

  • Some Filters are made Auto-clean design – hand squeeze cleaning structure. Squeeze out the dirt from the sponges by squeezing and back flush to clean out the dirt. Easy maintain.
  • Some Gardening Bio-Filters Are fully sealed designs that allowed to place the product lower the water level,
  • Built-in UVC lamps can kill algae, viruses, and harmful bacteria in the water
  • Nitrate, phosphate, and any unnecessary nutrient in the water may be degraded by multiple bio-filter materials included.

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