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Upper Filters

Upper Filters – Overhead filters work by placing it above the aquarium tank with a water pump or power head placed either submerged in the water to pump the water to the filter box via tubing or placed beside the filter box and draw the water up from the aquarium via a plastic pipe

Of all the methods of filtration available for the planted freshwater tank, Upper filters are good for the planted tanks, But canister filter is the best for planted tanks. canister filters have long been the superior choice when compared to other filtration types on the market. You should install canister filters beside or underneath the aquarium. Keep only intake and outlet hardware inside the tank
The top filter is a space-efficient filtration device suitable for most aquarium tanks. It is an effective water filter that helps keep your aquarium water clean, and at the same time provides ample space for biological and chemical filtration medium.

Easy to assemble and maintain.
High flowrate pump to help turnover water fast to help keep your aquarium water clean.
Provides ample place for filter medium to help you maintain clean aquarium water.
Length can be adjusted to suit fish tanks of different sizes.
Fits onto most open-top aquariums.

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