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Power Head

Submersible Power Head, which is impeller powered, removes water from the aquarium, usually with a long siphoning tube, which is then pushed (or pulled) through a series of different filter media and returned to the aquarium.

Those Submersible Power Heads are the most common type of submersible mothers of aquarium filters. They are often more suitable for medium size tanks than other types. However, they are not necessarily the best for smaller and large tanks,

Submersible Power Heads are a critical component of both freshwater and marine aquaria. Powerheads are the main part of the  Aquarium filters they help remove physical and soluble chemical waste products from aquaria, simplifying maintenance. Furthermore, aquarium filters are necessary to support life as aquaria are relatively small, closed volumes of water compared to the natural environment of most fish.


What Submersible Power Heads?

  • The Submersible Power Heads are capable of circulating water in the aquarium.
  • They also have filters to help maintain the water quality. And because they’re fully submersible
  • They are easy to install.
  • Some Power Heads even have a built-in filtration system
    What is the Difference between Submersible Power Heads and non-Submersible Power Heads?

    The major difference between a Submersible Power Head and any other  Power Head is that u can use a submersible pump that is completely submerged in the liquid that it is required to pump. These pumps can be used in many different pumping applications.

Water is sucked in at the bottom and around the and drawn through a coarse sponge that traps debris.


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