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Waterfall Style (HOB)

Waterfall Style (HOB) – Each has its own defining features as well as pros and cons. Hang-on-the-back filters do exactly what the name implies. They hang over the back wall of the aquarium and filter the water better. They all have a “lift tube” that goes down into the tank itself and suck the water.

A HOB filter is even better at mechanical filtration than a sponge filter because you can add a fine filter pad to really polish the water. The device is very simple to service since most of the media is outside of the aquarium, allowing you to easily remove the media for gentle washing. HOB filters can be some of the quietest aquarium filters out there. Because they are water driven, it helps make the HOB filter’s motor one of the quietest types when running

A HOB filter is any filter that hangs off the back of the tank and draws water in through a lift tube and returns it through a spillway. Power filters are any hanging filter with a water pump to move the water

(HOB) filters are great for beginners and aqua scapers because they do all three types of filtration – mechanical, biological, and chemical – while being extremely user-friendly and reasonably priced

They should generally be cleaned every few weeks, or at least once a month. You can schedule your cleaning to coincide with replacing your filter media

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