RS- Electrical RS-5000 Hang On Back Filter (HOB)

RS- Electrical RS-5000 Hang On Back Filter (HOB)
Q. Max:280L/h
Waterfall Flowing
Weight:- 0.465kg


Efficient oil processor
Super-quiet and re-start without adding water
Special cascade flow design and improving oxygen dissolving capacity
Optimal flow is realized by adjustable flow regulating valve
Super narrow design hang-on filter and more beautiful appearance

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Water pump and filtering media are all built-in structures. Adjustable water flow rate. Easy for a sembling and operation. Combination of mechanical, chemical, and bio-chemical filtering functions to ensure clean water. A specially designed water circulation system helps the diffusing of Co2 in the water and supplies enough oxygen for the tank.

1. This filter does Mechanical, Chemical & Biological Filteration, Come with Bio Cartridge
2. Optimal combination of motor and pump, good performance, saving energy.
3. Charged part of the security seals achieves a waterproof effect.
4. Filter to purify filtration.
5. Flexible assembly and easy maintenance.
6. Waterfall filter outlet in the entire aquarium water pumping, while also oscillating water more water molecules to the surface of the heart.
7. Makes full contact with the atmosphere, releasing oxygen, supplemental carbon dioxide more efficiently.
8. The filter is designed to take full advantage of the physical and biochemical filter type methods to remove Dirt aquarium, enhance filtering effect, make sure the water is clear.
Set-Up Instructions Hang the filter on the back of the tank. Adjust the Intake Tube to the desired length (Leave at least 4″ from the gravel). Adjust the Leveler so the filter is perfectly level



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Weight0.465 kg


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