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NT Labs

Ever since our launch in 1982, we have been industry leaders in research and development.  We are proud to be a UK-based, multi-award-winning manufacturer of effective water treatments, medicines, test kits, and foods servicing the koi, pond, tropical and marine markets.  Our company name reflects this commitment to revolutionary thinking, after all the ‘NT’ of NT Labs stands for New Technology.

In 2007, we became fully licensed with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate for small animal medicines. As you can see from our SAM number, we were the first manufacturer in the UK to obtain this license to produce veterinary medicines for ornamental fish in the UK. This heritage is something we are incredibly proud of and shows our dedication and commitment to what we do. In order to manufacture medicines for the treatment of animals, it is essential that we are fully licensed and compliant with the high VMD requirements. Within the industry, some companies choose to outsource the manufacturing of medicines so that they don’t need to obtain a license, but we are proud to be leading the way and doing all of this in-house.

Alongside our VMD license, we are also fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), meaning that we are dedicated providers of top-quality products for our customers. Behind the brand, there is a team of biologists, production, quality control, sales, and marketing professionals all based at our facility in the southeast of England.

Our products are available from a network of specialist wholesalers, each one collecting products from us every week. Wholesalers then transport our products to their VMD-approved distribution centers, and from there, they deliver stock to our authorized aquatic retailers each week. NT Labs choose to support independent retailers: we do not supply to popular online marketplaces, or discount retail chains. The reason behind this is simple; independent aquatic retailers are key to keeping this industry thriving, and as hobbyists, we rely heavily on the retailers to provide us with livestock but also top-quality advice which helps make us all better fish keepers


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