NT Labs Aquarium Water Mini Test Kit

NT Labs Aquarium Water Mini Test Kit pH Ammonia Nitrite 120 tests


  • Test kit for the 3 most important water parameters in an aquarium
  • Suitable for freshwater aquariums
  • Includes accurate ammonia, nitrite, and PH test kits
  • Supplied with full instructions and suggestions for correction if required
  • Simple and easy to use



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The main factor in successful fish keeping and health lies in the maintenance of good water quality. Ammonia, nitrite and pH levels in the aquarium should be checked regularly. The Aquarium NT Labs Aquarium Water Mini Test Kit comprises up to 120 tests combined with the 3 key parameters to test in your aquarium: ammonia, nitrite, and pH.  All the tests are liquid drop tests from a dropper bottle so all the drops are the same size. Full instructions are included detailing optimum levels and suggestions for correction, along with an integrated test tube rack. All you have to do is add your aquarium water to the test tube and count the drops needed. The back of the box details clear pictorial instructions so you can see what to do from the start. A set of color-coded stickers is provided to label both the test tubes and test tube lids so you always conduct the same test in the same test tube avoiding contamination.

NT Labs Aquarium Water Mini Test Kit from NT Labs is suitable for freshwater aquariums and performs checks on the 3 most important water parameters in an aquarium. The Aquarium Water Mini Test Kit includes tests for pH, nitrite (NO2), and ammonia (NH3). The Kit comes complete with full instructions to help ensure you carry out the tests correctly, and to help restore perfect water quality should a parameter be incorrect.

What is ammonia?
Ammonia is excreted by the fish as a waste product. It is extremely toxic to fish but is broken down into less toxic nitrite by the beneficial bacteria in the filter of your aquarium. Ammonia is most toxic to fish when the pH is alkaline and the temperature is high, so it is most dangerous in hardwater aquariums.

What is nitrate?
Nitrite is produced by the beneficial bacteria in the aquarium and filters as they break down harmful waste ammonia excreted by fish. Although not as toxic as ammonia, nitrite is still very damaging to the health of the fish. Nitrite itself is in turn broken down into nitrate, which is much less harmful to fish.

What is pH?
pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the water in your aquarium. The pH scale runs from 1 to 14. Very acidic water is pH 1 and very alkaline water is pH 14. Neutral water that is neither acidic nor alkaline is pH 7.

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