Boyu AC-300 Active Carbon 300g

BOYU AC-300 Active Carbon Aquarium Filter Carbon 300g Filter Media
  • Works faster and better and longer than the rest
  • Eliminates foul odors, unsightly discoloration, and harmful organic substances
  • Can quickly and effectively remove harmful aquarium water quality substances, odor, heavy metals, purification and softening of the effectiveness of water quality

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What is the active carbon?

“Active carbon” is a term often used interchangeably with “activated carbon” or “activated charcoal.” Activated carbon is a highly porous form of carbon that is processed to have a large surface area and is widely used for its adsorptive properties. These properties make it effective for various applications, including purification, filtration, and adsorption of a wide range of substances. Here are some key features and applications of active carbon

Is that used in Aquariums? 

Yes, activated carbon is commonly used in aquariums for specific purposes. Here are some common uses of activated carbon in aquariums:

  1. Activated carbon is often used to improve water clarity by removing impurities that can cause water discoloration or cloudiness. It can help clear up tannins from driftwood, dissolved organic compounds, and other substances that make the water appear murky.
  2. Activated carbon is effective at adsorbing and removing odors from the aquarium water. It can help eliminate unpleasant smells that may develop due to decaying organic matter or other factors.
  3.  Activated carbon can adsorb certain chemicals and medications that are added to the aquarium. This can be beneficial when you want to remove residual medication after treating sick fish or if you need to remove excess nutrients or contaminants.
  4. In emergency situations, activated carbon can be used to help remove harmful toxins, such as ammonia or heavy metals, from the aquarium water. However, it is not a replacement for proper water management and maintenance.
  5. Activated carbon can prevent the yellowing of water that can occur over time in some aquariums. This yellowing is often caused by the accumulation of dissolved organic compounds.

The Boyu AC-300 Aquarium Active Carbon 300g is a type of aquarium filter, specifically a hang-on-back (HOB) filter, designed for use in aquariums. HOB filters like the Boyu AC-300 are commonly used in aquariums to provide mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. Whether the Boyu AC-300 is suitable for your aquarium depends on several factors, including the size of your aquarium, the type of aquatic life you have, and your filtration needs.

Boyu AC-300 can be suitable for smaller aquariums with appropriate filtration needs, provided it matches the tank size and the requirements of the aquatic species you keep. It’s always a good practice to consider the specific needs of your aquarium and choose filtration equipment accordingly. Additionally, regular maintenance and water quality monitoring are crucial for the health and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants.


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Weight0.360 kg


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