Boyu BF-308 Multifunctional Bio-Filter

BOYU Multifunctional Bio-Filter BF-308
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Boyu brand aquarium biological filter model BF-308 aquarium biological filter. Internal biological filter that can be mounted on any model of an aquarium. Provides biological filtration for the aquarium by making the water crystal clear. Contains filter material that ensures a correct and complete filtration of the aquarium. Internal biological filter for freshwater or marine aquariums. Efficient filtration system. Large capacity for collecting and storing aquarium dirt. Covers all 3 types of filtration required for an aquarium: chemical, biological and mechanical filtration. Complete filter, it is ready to be put into operation with included filter media (sponge, activated carbon, ceramic rings, bio-balls) Easy to maintain.

• The flow rate of the water pump is 240 liters per hour and the power is 4 W. • Size: Approx. 24 x 20.5 x 7.5 cm. The filter offers the possibility to position the aquarium heater inside it. Thus, the technical equipment will be masked and better efficiency and uniformity of the heat dispersion in the aquarium will be obtained.


Product typeInternal filter
Water typeSweet
Filter typeBiological
FunctionsLow energy consumption


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