BOYU FP-1006 Submersible Aquarium Pond Pump

BOYU FP-1006 Submersible Aquarium Pond Pump

Weight:- 1.225kg

The scope of application

Applicable to all types of aquariums, seafood pools of pumping and the water system, filtration and purification of aquaculture water, and indoor and outdoor pools injection ornamental fountain.



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BOYU FP-1006 The design is novel, generous, compact, with a large flow and high lift more than other pumps. Permanent magnet synchronous motor, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life. Stainless steel shaft, wear-resistant, no rust, can be used in fresh seawater.ABS plastic casing, impact resistance, no corrosion.


  1. Modern, compact, this pump is of large flux and high lift.
  2. Fully sealed and motor for sage operation; high efficiency, low energy consumption, and long working time.
  3. Wear-resistant stainless steel axle; rustless, ideal for both sea and freshwater.
  4. ABS plastic-coated body, durable construction, non-corroding.

Additional information

Weight1.225 kg


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