BOYU SBE-10000 Utility ECO Pump


Power:- 85W
QMAX:- 10000L/h
HMAX:- 5m



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BOYU SBE-10000 Utility pump equipped with automatic adaptive pumping speed control system via DC Frequency Conversion technology. The results are clearly superior and save electricity. Powerful starting and working force thanks to the three-pole 6-pole drive and a steady and steady working mode. Multi-polar rotor with permanent magnet ensuring high flow and low noise. Water pump equipped with a water level sensor. The pump is capable of starting and stopping automatically. The engine has no exposed copper elements, 100% safe to work with water. Corrosion and wear-resistant ceramic spindle. The pump can be used in both fresh water and salt water.

The BOYU SBE-10000 Utility ECO pump is suitable for driving filters or other devices that require forced circulation. It is ideal for raising water in fountains and waterfalls and emptying or filling aquariums, ponds, tanks, or swimming pools with fresh or salt water. It can work continuously 24 hours a day

It has a safety buoy that acts as a power switch. This device prevents the operation of the pump when the water level is insufficient. The BOYU SBE 10000 utility pump is capable of raising fresh or salt water up to 5 meters with a surface flow of up to 10,000 liters per hour with a consumption of only 85w. BOYU brand Utility pumps have the DS pump line as well as two models for professional use These excellent performance and energy efficiency figures are due to the development of BOYU’s seventh generation of DC electric motor technology. Its operation is electronically managed, automatically adapting its revolutions to the voltage received to operate smoothly and stably. The brushless coil with permanent magnetic drag uses the technology of 4 neodymium electro-magnets operated in three-phase cycles. The movement of water is generated through a 6-blade turbine with a super-efficient centrifugal effect hydraulic design, which takes advantage of every milliwatt that the motor consumes. Afterward, the water is projected into a drive chamber that directs the flow without turbulence, avoiding energy losses. This allows you to continuously lift, transport, and circulate water under the most adverse and difficult working conditions. It is ideal for ponds and outdoor systems where high flow rates and high reliability are required. It is made up of an injected ABS plastic structure, while its robust rotor has a friction-free and highly resistant polished ceramic shaft with aluminum alloy.

The BOYU SBE-10000 Utility Pump is a high-quality product belonging to the   BOYU  Premium Equipment lineThis important accessory is ideal to combine its use with the  BOYU line of aquariums.

The versatility of this pump is beyond any doubt, thanks to its upper handle, a 7.75-meter reinforced power supply cable with ground connection, and a standard multi-diameter connection that supports hoses from 16 to 40 millimeters in diameter.

The materials and technology used in this pump guarantee a long and reliable period of useful life. The main causes of failure in pond pumps are their accidental dry operation and the introduction of solids into their drive system.

The BOYU SBE-10000 Utility pump solves these problems with the fail-safe buoy system safety switch that it equips and its large strainer located at the base of its body.

This high-performance pump is ideal for large ponds in residential installations and represents the “workhorse” of equipment for the best professionals.

It works perfectly in both fresh and salt water, offering great utility in aquaculture, public aquariums, or commercial live food facilities.

  1. Check that the electrical specifications regarding voltage and frequency of your electrical supply are the same as those on the label of the BOYU SBE 10000 Bilge Pump.
  2. It is necessary to make a loop in the power cable of the device in order to avoid possible derivations of water drops from the aquarium that can leave the aquarium through the cable by capillarity.
  3. For your safety, you must install an automatic thermo fuse in your electrical supply network to prevent over-voltage or short-circuit. The residual current should not exceed 30Ma. Check your electrical safety system (RCD) regularly.
  4. Make sure the water level is at least halfway up the body of the water pump. If the water level is insufficient, immediately cut off the power supply.
  5.  The pump must not work in water with solid particles. These conditions could lead to mechanical breakage of its moving parts or the premature wear of the device, affecting its useful life.
  6. The BOYU SBE 10000 Bilge Pump should not be used to pump flammable fluids or water with a temperature higher than 35°
  7. Before handling or carrying out maintenance work on this appliance, you must unplug it from the electrical supply.
  8. Do not pull the cord by hand to unplug it. Do not hold the BOYU SBE 10000 Bilge Pump by hanging it by the cable.
  9. When the device is out of service or presents an electrical leak, it must be disconnected immediately until the problem is resolved.
  10. Any relevant electrical problems should be carried out by qualified personnel.
  11. The electrical cable is irreplaceable. If the power cable suffers any damage it cannot be repaired and the device must be discarded.
  12. The BOYU SBE 10000 Bilge Pump must be installed in an area out of the reach of children. Make sure that children do not play with the product.
  13.  The BOYU SBE 10000 Bilge Pump is not designed to be used by people with reduced sensory, physical, or mental capacity (including children), nor by people with reduced experience. In this case, they must be supervised by a person responsible for their safety.



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