Boyu Water Level Alarm SW-01

Boyu Water Level Alarm SW-01
  • The alarm of high/low water level can be adjusted at will according to your requirement
  • The spilled type design,sound-light alarm make it convenient for using
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Use to prevent the water overload or lack of water. Help your know what time need to add water to make your skimmer efficient or protect your tank equipment to avoid lack of water.

1, Engineering plastics and electronic components refining, aging, and long service life; the
2, The alarm level of water may be adjusted according to need;
3, Split design, sound, and light alarm, easy to use;
4, The use of button batteries, the use of safety.

Instructions :
Alarm probe portion placed in water, adjust the height, when the water level is below water level, the alarm alert. Used in the aquarium water level monitoring, monitoring of the sump filter sump water level.

1, The installation level probe must lowermost point A, C of the top of, or lose the
2, Action alarm, the alarm can not be wet on the water or the water, just the probe into the water.
3, Replace the battery please understand the positive and negative.

Note: Before use, please read the product description and must precautions.

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Weight0.100 kg


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