Boyu CR-300 Ceramic Ring 300g

BOYU CR-300 Ceramic Rings Aquarium Filter Rings 300g Filter Media


  1. Biological Filtration: Like other aquarium ceramic rings, Boyu ceramic rings are primarily used for biological filtration. They provide a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. These bacteria play a crucial role in breaking down ammonia and nitrite, converting them into less harmful nitrate in the aquarium.
  2. High Surface Area: Boyu ceramic rings are known for their porous structure, which offers a substantial surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria. The greater the surface area available, the more bacteria can thrive, leading to more efficient biological filtration.
  3. Nitrification: The beneficial bacteria that establish themselves on Boyu ceramic rings help establish and maintain the nitrogen cycle in the aquarium. Nitrosomonas bacteria convert ammonia (NH3) into nitrite (NO2-), and Nitrobacter bacteria further convert nitrite into nitrate (NO3-). This biological process is essential for maintaining water quality and ensuring the health of fish and other aquatic inhabitants.
  4. Stability: Boyu ceramic rings provide a stable and long-lasting biological filtration solution. When properly maintained by rinsing in dechlorinated water to remove debris, they can remain effective for an extended period.



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What are the aquarium ceramic rings?

Aquarium ceramic rings are a type of filter media commonly used in aquarium filtration systems, particularly in biological filtration. They are often found in canister filters, sump tanks, or as part of other filter setups. These rings serve as a habitat for beneficial bacteria, which play a crucial role in the nitrogen cycle of the aquarium. Here’s how aquarium ceramic rings work and their benefits:

When can you use that?
  1. Establishing a New Aquarium:
    When setting up a new aquarium, it’s important to establish a healthy biological filtration system before adding fish. Ceramic rings can be added to the filter to provide a substrate for beneficial bacteria to colonize. This helps kickstart the nitrogen cycle and ensures a safe and stable environment for your fish.
  2. Increasing Biological Filtration:
    If you notice high ammonia or nitrite levels in your aquarium, adding ceramic rings can increase the capacity of your biological filtration. This is especially useful when your existing filter media may not be sufficient to handle the bioload.
  3. Upgrading Filtration:
    When upgrading your aquarium’s filtration system, ceramic rings can be a valuable addition. They can be used alongside other filter media, such as mechanical or chemical filtration, to enhance the overall filtration efficiency.
  4. Maintaining Water Quality:
    If you have a heavily stocked aquarium or you frequently feed your fish, you may experience fluctuations in water quality. Ceramic rings can help maintain stable water parameters by providing additional biological filtration capacity.

Remember that it’s important to avoid cleaning ceramic rings too thoroughly, as you want to preserve the beneficial bacterial colonies. Rinse them gently in dechlorinated water when they become clogged with debris.

Boyu CR-300 Ceramic Ring is a type of aquarium filter media produced by the Boyu brand, a company that specializes in aquarium equipment and accessories. These ceramic rings are designed for use in aquarium filtration systems, particularly in biological filtration. Here are some key features and uses of Boyu ceramic rings.

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