Filter Brushes 40cm Black

Aquarium Pond Filter Brushes Black Color 40cm

Made Of 304 Stainless Steel+Pvc, Practical, Lightweight, And Easy To Use.
Powerful Filtration And Adsorption, Improving The Water Quality.
Strengthened The Physical Filtration And Biochemical Filtration.
Environmental Protection And Not Easily Deformed, Can Be Used Over And Over Again.
Suitable For Biochemical Filter Tank, Filter Box, Filter Vat, Bottom Or Top Filter Tank.


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Filter Brushes 40cm Black made from the very highest quality polypropylene twisted into two stainless steel wires to form a cylindrical brush with a loop at one end for hanging. The other end is capped with a plastic knob for safety. They last indefinitely and are the easiest to use, most efficient, and most cost-effective pond filter medium you can buy. Black Knight brushes work in three ways.


  • First, they physically trap the large particles that cannot pass through the close weave of the interlocking filaments.
  • Secondly, the filaments have a static charge that ‘grabs’ any small particles that are flowing by. This charge holds onto the waste until you do your routine cleaning.
  • Thirdly, after you have been using the brushes for a few weeks, the massive surface area of the brushes becomes home to millions of beneficial bacteria.


Simply insert a Filter Brushes 40cm Black in the path of the flowing water and you will be amazed at how much waste is collected in a short time. If your second and subsequent chambers are already full of media then you can use either one vortex brush strategically placed around the transfer port or you can use several to build up a barrier of them above the inlet of the vortex and below the outlet (assuming that your vortex is designed in this way). This will allow the heavy waste to drop to the bottom of the chamber and then all the waste that does not settle is forced to pass through the brushes thus allowing it to be caught. You can coil one or two vortex brushes around the outlet so that the water can pass through the brushes. You can create a complete barrier filling the whole cross-section of the chamber. With the more brushes you use, the greater the amount of waste that can be collected and the larger the surface area for filtration.


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