JPD FUJIYAMA Staple Diet 5kg 7mm Pack

JPD (Japan Pet Design) FUJIYAMA Staple Diet 5kg Pack Floating Type 7mm (Large size)

This product is growing food for Nishikigoi by containing high-quality ingredients. These ingredients are best for KOI and get a high growth rate.

Analysis Ingredients:-
Crude Protein: Min 35%
Fish meal Crude Fat: Min 5%
Tofu Crude fiber: Max. 3%
Corn Ash: Max 10%
Wheat Moisture: Max 10%
Rice husks Wheat Chaff Vitamins Minerals


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Fujiyama is composed of all-natural ingredients to ensure easy digestion and maintain healthy koi. The all-natural food contains no artificial coloring agents. Fujiyama is formulated with high-quality fishmeal, feed oil, and grains in a good balance which accelerates the appetite and keeps the koi in good shape. Fujiyama is manufactured in Japan and is a floating pellet type, the koi food retains its shape and the water will not turn water cloudy.

This product is an economy staple food because this product includes standard nutrition for koi. This food is suitable for maintenance every day. This food can be used with other JPD koi food because this food is a basic formulation. Good BalanceThis product is formulated with fish meal, feed oil, and grains in a good balance. And this food accelerates appetite. Manufacturing TechniqueVitamin C, which is formulated in this food, keeps a white site in the koi body.

Crude Protein: Min 35%Fish meal
Crude Fat: Min 5%Tofu
Crude fiber: Max. 3%Corn
Ash: Max 10%Wheat
Moisture: Max 10%Rice husks
Wheat Chaff

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