Ocean Free Absolute Plant Vitamin Complex P7

Ocean Free Absolute Plant Vitamin Complex P7

• Improves, balance, and speed up the growth of green aquatic plants.
• Enhance photosynthesis capability.
• Improve growth of roots, stems, and leaves.
• Provide absolute basic water plants nutrients.
• Maintain long-term fertilizing effect and stabilizing water condition.



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The absolute vitamin complex is for tropical plants. A breakthrough product to increase the health and wellbeing of your plants! A breakthrough product for a successful planted tank. In the mother earth, be it plants or animals, besides daily intake of food extra vitamin supplements are also essential more healthy and this includes aquatic plants as well. This is even truer for aquatic plants as they are more demanding in vitamin supplements compared to animals in order to break through the product limitation that is in the market right in this scope.

Ocean Free has worked with renowned aquatic plant specialists and with the aid of a high-tech test lab to derive the “Absolute Plant Vitamin Complex.

• Absolute vitamin supplement for aquatic plants
• Stabilize water aquatic cycle
• Prevent leaves of aquatic plants from turning yellow, leaf drop or developing holes
• Lighting need enhancement ( if lighting requirement is not sufficient )
• Improve organ functionality and improve plant branching
• Improve fish coloration, disease prevention, activeness, and appetite


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