Ocean Free Special Arowana Black Water – 07 Medication

Ocean Free Special Arowana Medication 150ml BLACK WATER –07
  • Calms down new Arowana in tank
  • Enhancement of Arowana coloration
  • Vitamin and trace elements added
  • Creates a healthy tank environment
  • Builds up Arowana’s resistance against diseases
  • Retards algae growth in the tank
  • Reduces the stress of Arowana


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To improve Arowana fish coloration, calm Arowana in a new tank, reduce algae growth, and establish a new aquarium’s ecological cycle setting. During water change, increases the natural resistance of Arowanas to disease and reduces stress.

This 150-milliliter Bottle treats 900 liters of water
Calms down the Arowana in the tank.
Creates a healthy tank environment.
Builds up Arowana resistance against disease.
Retards algae growth in the tank.
Reduces the stress of Arowana.
Special vitamins and trace elements were added.

Specially produced from extracts of special peat, root, wood bark, trace elements, humic acids, plant hormones, and essential vitamins, etc. With these ingredients, a flawless water condition is created that strives to be more natural than normal aquarium water.

This product is made especially for providing the best living conditions to Arowanas and yet mild enough not to affect the water parameters.

It will also prevent fungus and harmful bacterial growth.
A light brown color will surface when this product is dosed into the tank but will return to the clear water state in a while. Harmless to other fish, filters, and water plants

Code No.DescriptionSpecification
MD154Black Water-7Liquid/150ml
MD201Black Water-7Liquid/500ml

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