Pets Pacifika Tubifex Worm 45g

  • Special processed nutritional tubes worms for pet fish.
  • High protein to help your aquarium fish grow faster and stay healthier.
  • 100 % freeze-dried high-quality tubifex worms.
  • Multi-vitamin rich to reduce stress and stress-related diseases.
  • An excellent omnivorous aquarium fish.
  • Feed 2-3 times daily. Not more than the fish can consume within 05 minutes.


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Press the cube firmly against the side of your aquarium well below the waterline. The fish will soon discover the cubes and eagerly devour them. Excellent for all varieties of tropical fish goldfish and marine fish. No refrigeration is required, keep sealed when not in use. Feed your fish 2 to 3 times daily, each time Not more than the fish can consume in 5 minutes.

Principle Ingredients: ? Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms 100%.

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