WEEK AQUA Z200 Pro RGB+UV LED Full Spectrum Plant Lamp

WEEK AQUA Z200 Pro RGB+UV LED Full Spectrum Plant Lamp

Smartphone app control
Dimming function
Timer function
Button Control
70W output
Light Output: 4550lm
R630 + R660 +  G B W: total 176pcs
Body size W200mm D120mm H33mm

  • Bluetooth APP control full-spectrum LED aquarium light, new RGB-UV spectrum mode, can be adjusted the individual colors, Preset mode is configured, Timer sunrise/set available.
  • Aluminum alloy and PC light guide board, with a silent fan, efficient heat dissipation. After the surface and blasting anode silver, considering both feel and appearance.
  • Standard with aluminum bracket, easy installation, can be used for the tank thickness within 16mm.
  • Height adjustable, front and rear adjustable, suitable for market most fish tank, Lighting shade available.


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WEEK AQUA Z200 Pro RGB+UV LED Full Spectrum Plant Lamp. This model has more UVA units than the other series.
One unit can cover from 45 cm to 60 cm.
It can be hung high in a 60cm aquarium.
The entire water surface is not hidden by the light, making maintenance of the waterscape easier.
Since the main unit is compact, it can be hung at a high position to illuminate a 60cm wide tank with a depth of 45cm, 50cm, or 60cm, or a high type tank with a height of 50cm or 60cm.

Blacklight activates plants.
Brings out the colors of fish and plants.
Does not kill bacteria or reduce moss.
It also does not cause sunburn.
It is safe for the eyes to look directly into.
Ideal for use in living room aquariums.

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