Aquarium CO2 Bubble Counter

Aquarium CO2 Bubble Counter
  • Clear and precise bubble formation allows you to count bubbles with ease
  • Built-in check valve to prevent damage from water or CO2 liquid flowing back into your regulator
  • Durable suction cups to allow for attachment to the side of your tank
  • Inject 3/4 water into the bubble counter. Mount inline within the CO2-proof tubing line
  • Package included: 1x Aluminium CO2 bubble counter

    Unscrew the top cap of the bubble counter and fill the main body 3/4 full of water (regular tap water is fine), and firmly re-attach the top cap.
    Cut your CO2 tubing in the position you would like to bubble counter, ensuring it will be positioned vertically.
    Unscrew the compression collars and feed tubing through.
    Push the tubing onto the inlet and outlet of the bubble counter, making sure you have the bubble counter orientated correctly.
    Using your hand (no need for tools), firmly tighten the compression collars over the tubing to hold them in place



or 3 X රු 366.67 with Koko Koko
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The bubble counter is indispensable with any CO2 setup system because it helps to count the amount of Co2 injected. Excess Co2 levels will lead to a sudden drop in pH level & cause severe stress to your fish. On the other hand, the underdose of Co2 will affect the growth of your plants. When the counter is set up, you can count the number of bubbles per second to estimate the Co2 injection rate.




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