BOYU EFU-8000 Gardening Bio-Pond Filter

BOYU EFU-8000 9W UV STERILIZER LIGHT 5000-8000L Gardening Bio-Pond Filter For Koi-pond or large ponds

UV-Power 9W
Pressurized Outdoor Pond Garden Filter with Built-In 9W Uv Clarifiers
Pressurized Filter Allows Exiting Water to Run Up-Hill
Helps Maintaining Excellent Water for Healthy Fish Keeping
The Water Outlet Can Be Located Higher Than the Actual Filter Body
Suitable For 5000-8000L

With 3 month warranty

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This BOYU EFU-8000 Gardening Bio- Filter For large-sized ponds, and koi pond water filtration, is easy to install, use and repair operations, and filter effects. Easy maintain. A fully-sealed design it’s allowed to place the product lower than the water level. Build-in UVC lamps can kill algae, viruses, es, and harmful bacterium in the water. Nitrate, phosphate, and any unnecessary nutrient in the water may be degraded by multiple biofilter materials included. The multi-layer filtration and Bio- balls layout allows water to biologically filter upward through layers of sponge, returning clean through a top outlet. Long life.

Technical Parameters:
Voltage: AC 230V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Capacity: 5000-8000L
UV lamp power: 9W
Dimensions: 39.3 x 31.1 x 37.6cm.

Boyu EFU series of pond filters come without the pump. You can select a suitable pump for your system, selection depends on your system. This is the best filter available at the lowest price. If you are setting up a pond for the first time, we recommend you buy BENEFICIAL BACTERIA along with the filter. This will help in cycling and cleaning the water faster and help keep your fish healthy.

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