BOYU LK-80 High Flow Air Pump

BOYU LK-80 50W High Flow Air Pump for Large Aquariums and Ponds
  • 4800l/h High flow rate air pump for large aquariums and ponds
  • 50W
  • Aluminum casing for long life, strength, and good heat dissipation
  • Quiet running with high airflow
  • Pressure 0.035MPa
  • Internal aluminum casing
  • Also great for hydroponic/aquaponics systems
  • Suitable For 40-50 Aquariums



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The LK range of BOYU air pumps has an aluminum casing for long life and good heat dissipation. They are quiet running and are perfect for large aquariums, ponds, and hydroponic/aquaponics systems. They have an internal aluminum casing for the motor, boast high strength and good heat dissipation as well as a long operational lifespan. These pumps are made extremely quiet by the outlet buffer chamber. They are suitable for large aquariums, ponds, koi ponds, aquarium shops, fish breeding, the seafood market, and restaurants for fish/crustaceans keeping.

Model LK-80 4800l/hr.: Outlets – 1 (19mm)Power – 50w

Model Also available LK-60 – 3600L/hr.: Outlets – 1 (19mm) Power – 40w in 4800L and 6000L, Model LK – 100 – 6000L/hr. Outlets – 1 (19mm)Power – 65w  Also available in 3600L/hr. and 6000L/hr.

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