JUN Master Soil Next 3 Liter Pack

JUN Master Soil Next 3 Liter Pack Best Substrate For Planted Aquariums

This is a high-grade soil made with 100% natural soil that has been improved in aquatic breeding.
Formulated with natural ingredients, it promotes aquatic growth and also suppresses moss growth.
It also adheres to the power of natural soil, making it easy to create sparkling water with high transparency, making it perfect for breeding bee shrimps and tropical fish.

  • Master soil 3L, High-grade soil that has further evolved aquatic breeding Using 100% domestic natural soil A nutritional soil that combines nutrients necessary for aquatic plants and specializes in aquatic plants. In addition, it is adsorbed by the power of natural soil, and it is easy to create highly transparent and bright breeding water.
  • A nutritional soil specializing in aquatic plant breeding, containing nutrients required for aquatic plants
    Also、 adsorbs ammonia and nitrous acid with the power of natural soil、You can easily make highly transparent and bright breeding water


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JUN Master Soil Next makes an ideal planted tank substrate supplying necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth

Available in 3L and 9L bags

Recommended  volume use 

45cm tank (35L) 6-8L

60cm tank (55L) 8-11L

90cm tank (150L) 24-32L

JUN Master Soil Instructions

Fill the tank without rinsing or washing the soil.
Disperse the water gently without disturbing the soil.
During the initial setup period, the aquarium water may turn cloudy.
The cloudiness can be reduced in several hours by filtering the water.
There may be a film stretched on the water surface.
The film can be removed by changing the water.
There may be brown stains on the glass surface of the tank.
These stains can be rubbed off by hand and there is no effect on water quality.
The product undergoes strict quality control but there may be rare cases of foreign substances that may still be in the soil.
Remove if discovered before using the soil.
Avoid over-keeping with excessive aeration.
A special heat treatment helps the soil to retain the necessary nutrients for aquatic plants. Furthermore, it makes the soil porous, water-permeable, breathable, and water-retainable.

Use Immediately after opening.
The soil will dry and become brittle when stored over time.
This product will keep water pH slightly acidic, however, pH may fluctuate due to the use of materials, such as filter media, and water conditioners.
Periodically check the pH especially if keeping delicate fish and plants.

Made In Japan

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