XINYOU XY-2010 Corner Filter

XINYOU XY-2010 Corner Filter Bio Sponge Ceramic Air Pump Driven for Fry Shrimp and breading Fish Tank Aquarium
  • Each unit requires an air pump and airline tubing to operate together (sold separately, not included)
  • Quiet filtering system. Especially good for breeding small fish. Efficiently remove toxic waste and maintain clean water for your fish.
  • Just take out the sponge and rinse well when it becomes dirty.
  • With multi-layer sponge filters, this corner filter combines physical and biochemical filtration for your fish and increases the oxygen solubility.
  • Size 2.75″x 3.15″x 11″


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Water Quality and Filtration are the most essential aspect of fish keeping. If you are after a simple and economic way to establish your cycle in your small tank then the XY2010 sponge and biological filter is a great option.

The XY-2010 Corner Fit Aquarium Biological Sponge Filter brings the latest design in aquarium filtration. The corner fit design gives more room in the aquarium and makes use of wasted space.

The fine mesh and biological media provide even greater clarity in your aquarium and promote the growth of nitrobacteria which are essential for the health of your tank.

Its unique design also features an adjustable lift with a special duck-shaped head for better flow control and circulation of the aquarium.


  • Brand: Xinyou
  • Model: XY-2010
  • Size: 28 x 9.5cm x 7.7cm
  • Layers: Multi (Wool, Sponge, Gravel, Ceramic Noodles)
  • Aquarium Size: 200L Max
  • Filtration Type: Biological & Mechanical
  • Fresh and Saltwater Safe


  • Silent Operation
  • Supports Good Bacteria Growth
  • Ergonomic Corner Design for Effective Space Management
  • Perfect for Fish Tanks up to 200L

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